Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I hope everyone had a fun, candy filled night! We had a fantastic time trick or treating and stayed out until 8:45! I'm sure some people were wondering why my kids were not in bed.

This year I was able to make costumes for my kiddos. My son wanted to be a ghost. I browsed the internet to find ideas for a ghost costume besides the sheet over the head deal. I used this spooky ghost costume as my inspiration and set out to make it awesome. Instead of using a sheet, I used two old white dress shirts. For the base layer I cut down the arms, cut out the neck, and seam ripped off the pocket. I ripped off the buttons and sewed the shirt closed, leaving a V opening at the top to make it easier getting on and off. I added a button and elastic to hold it closed.  I also cut off the bottom hem and made a few slits around the bottom. Next I cut strips of the second shirt and cheesecloth. I zigzag stitched two pieces of cheesecloth to one piece of shirt. I zigzagged each of the strips to the shirt until I was satisfied it was ghostly enough. I didn't want his dark shoes showing, so I made him some shoe covers out of white fleece. I got the idea from Tara.

My daughter said she wanted to be a butterfly and I thought, perfect! I'd saved some wings from a birthday party and had been meaning to make the tutu from Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew. I used pink, blue, 2 yellows, and purple tulle for the tutu and loved the way the colors played off each other. All I need to pick up was a white shirt to go with it. For the antenna, I glued a little ball to one end of a pipe cleaner. I then twisted the pipe cleaner around a head band.

I think their costumes were cute and they looked super cute in them!


  1. They are super cute in their costumes! I like the tutu...you did a fabulous job with it.

  2. I can't wait to make the tutu for my baby!

  3. there are many ways to make a tutu, but I must say, this one lays just perfectly. Awesome job. Love the ghost too!

  4. I sooooo want to make this tutu - how seriously cute does your littlee look

  5. That tutu is great. I need to make one :)