Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hobo Sacks and Labels

Recently my son was invited to a birthday party for two sweet little girls. The party had a Royal theme. The kids jumped in a castle bounce house, decorate caramel apples, made tiaras and swords, and decorated a notebook to take with them. The party was super fun! Since I had time to make something for the two girls I thought a little pouch or purse would be fun. Using the tutorial over at MADE, I made two lined hobo sacks. One with purple royalty/peasant fabric and the other from pink fairies fabric. I can't believe I was able to use these random pieces from my stash. One of the girls loves purple and the other pink, so it was perfect!


I was also able to use some labels I order from Pick Your Plum. One day they had a deal for labels that said, "Made by" and you could enter one word. After talking with my husband we chose j.hom. The labels are printed on a ribbon and you cut one whenever you need a label. They aren't super fancy like others out there, but I'm really glad I bought them. I've been wanting to put some sort of label on my crafty things for a while, but can't decide on a name or who to buy them from or how many to get. This was the perfect solution!

So, what do you think? You like?


  1. I like it!! Also I love the little labels, I need something, eventually. Thanks for sharing! I need a little sack like that for a birthday party we have this weekend. Sigh...

  2. I love it! We still use the blanket you made A years ago and every time I see the label with your name on it I smile! Thanks for a wonderful gift. (I really want to get myself some labels too.)

  3. Oh they are really cute! What a great birthday idea. Thanks for sharing.