Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where have YOU been???

Right there? Waiting for me to come back from the void? Oh, okay. I'm back. So let me tell you what's been going on. My last post was about Halloween, so November is next. Not really sure what happened in November except Turkey Day. We went to the in-laws and had a blast.

Next up, Christmas.

My parents came for the holidays and we had tons of fun hanging out, shopping, and sight seeing. I made a couple of crayon rolls (like this) for gifts, but that was pretty much it. Santa did make a grand appearance at our house and I got a Silhouette Cameo and a Blendtec. Whaaatt!? (And ignore that price, we got a hook up at Costco.) I know, too much goodness. Guess I was really good this past year.

Now on to January and some new additions to the sewing room. I've started a few projects and joined a guild and signed up for my first race ever, a 10K. I'm ready for the new year and looking forward to trying new things. Like Swooning.

Jennifer at Twin Fibers

See ya soon, hopefully ;)

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