Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An ongoing project

I finished my last project and was super excited to start the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler. I HAD to go to the fabric store the weekend I finished because I needed to get started. (Do you ever feel like that? You have to do something right away and it's all you can think about until you've done it?) I found some fantastic fabric and got it washed and ironed that night. Then it just sat there on the back of my couch for weeks. This past Friday I finally opened up the pattern to get started. I cut out the pattern pieces, simple enough. Then I started on cutting out the fabric. I spent Friday's nap time just cutting out fabric. This doesn't include all of the interfacing that goes with each piece! I finished cutting today. You might think, "Yeah! she can start sewing now!" I wish. Now I have to adhere the interfacing to the fabric, which means ironing.  Maybe by the end of this week I can actually start sewing!

So what does this long explanation have to do with anything? Just know that I'm still here. This project is just taking longer than expected to be completed.

I will share the fabric with you. Looking at beautiful fabric always brightens my day.
Pieces from The Nest by Valori Wells
When shopping for fabric for a particular project, I never leave the store without stopping by the clearance section. Here I found Robert Kaufman for $2.97 a yard. I think it will make my daughter a cute dress.  The other fabric is Lollipops by Moda. I think this will make a cute jumper for the fall.

I hope to be done with the purse sometime next week. Until then, I'll post some more fabric I purchased late one night while my little one was up wanting to play. (Doesn't late night shopping always get you in trouble?)

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