Monday, March 7, 2011

Gathered Clutch

Did you guess it was going to be a clutch? I found this tutorial on Noodlehead months ago and have been waiting for a chance to sew one. I searched my scrap fabric stash and had enough left over fabric from other projects to make 2 clutches! The second clutch (the cream colored one) was definitely easier to sew. After making a few mistakes on the first one, I knew what to expect. The mistakes happened with the zipper. I kept trying to sew it in like I have with clothing instead of the zipper sandwich the tutorial describes.  This is where looking at photos provided should have tipped me off...

Only the front of the clutch has gathers. The finished measurements are roughly 8.5" x 5". It has two pockets for credit cards, a driver's license, or other cards similar in size. A divider pocket create a bigger space in the middle for keys or a phone or both, while leaving space on the other side for money or a check book.

I prefer the cream clutch. 

I think this would look better with an accessory on the sash.
Love the dots!
Plenty of room for a variety of items.

Overall I'm happy with the clutches. If I make one again I think I will hand stitch the opening closed to make the seam as small as possible. What do you think? Do they need accessories? Are you ready to make your own? You can do it and it's a great gift, especially if you fill it with goodies!


  1. Wow they look great! I need to find the time to get sewing! Nice work.

  2. Try saying clutch ten times fast. And then add "cream clutch" to the mix. These are fantastic, I need a few for my purse to hold my iPod and/or diapers and/or other things that are always getting wet or broken. Maybe a waterproof one for a sippy cup??