Thursday, March 10, 2011

Final Days of the Celebration for Boys!

If you haven't checked out all of the amazing goodies posted by MADE and Made by Rae, I suggest you grab a drink and some snacks because you're going to be on your computer for a while! Celebrate the Boy is in its final days and I have one more post geared towards boys. I made this quilt for my son when he turned one. The plan was to make each of my kids a quilt on their first birthday. (Don't tell me daughter, she's 17 months and doesn't have one yet.) I found this fabric while in Oregon on a family vacation and loved it! The fabric is by Michael Miller. The different modes of transportation came as a panel in large and small versions. I fussy cut each to become the center of a block. The top was pieced using the Boys Toys pattern by Marinda Stewart, while the back was created by me (and my husband if you count him calculating the measurements. Isn't nice when you can get the men involved!?) 

I love the outer border.

Simple designs can be the best.
The pattern only used the larger blocks and I felt that it would be a waste not to use the smaller ones. I centered the left over large block and staggered the small blocks.

Quilted with a bubble motif.

This quilt was my fourth and I wanted something special for my little guy. I passed on stitching in the ditch and opted for a long arm! I found a fabulous lady in Pittsburg, CA who had a long arm machine in her garage, turned quilting studio. We picked a simple pattern so as to not take away from the large blocks. I love the bubbles and wish I would take the time to learn free motion quilting. It adds a whole new element to the quilt. The finished quilt measures approximately 45" x 42".

I hope you enjoyed the boy centered crafts I shared with you and are motivated to start making goodies for your little ones or yourself!

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