Friday, March 4, 2011

Boys Should Be Celebrated!

A few months ago I was doing a lot of sewing and it seemed as all of it was for my daughter. I didn't think my son really noticed until he asked what I was making for him! Oops. I guess they really do pay attention to what you're doing. I had been making dresses, so I wanted to make my son something he could wear as well. A vest was perfect! I found a pattern I liked and got started. This was my first go with a vest and some parts were definitely tricky. Okay, I didn't really understand them until I was reading them out loud for the 50th time to someone else. And oh, how nice it was when the light bulb turned on. The pattern only called for 3 button, but I thought 4 made it look nicer. I didn't add the pockets or make it reversible. This vest was made to wear to church, but since he looks so cute in it I will have to make a casual one too.  The pattern is from Jocole. The fabric is a polyester from Joann Fabrics. I have tons of the front gray left over. Perhaps I should make a skirt and we could match.

The size is a 4T
I really like the back fabric.

This is a pattern where you need to keep track of fabric direction. The stripes in the front and the slight crinkles in the back (can't see from the pics.) What boy projects have you done in the past? Any projects you feel don't receive enough attention?


  1. Seriously...amazing. I might have to 'attempt' this.

  2. Thanks Britney! You could totally do it. And after you make one the others will be a piece of cake!

  3. CUTE!!! it turned out so great jessica, thanks for sharing it with me!