Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabric Banner

Summer vacation is officially over in our house today. My oldest started Kindergarten and I'm due to pick him up in 20 minutes! Before I left for girls camp (a church camp for girls ages 12-18) I made 4 fabric banners to hang in our cabin. Each cabin was asked or encouraged to decorate so I went all out. I've seen these banners around the Internet and thought they would be sooo cute. Well, they are and the girls loved them.

Thanks McQueen for holding the banners!

The colors (white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and gold) I chose represent the 8 Young Women Values we teach our girls. I used scraps for this project. I didn't have enough of each scrap to make four complete banners, so some of the colors have different fabric. But I think that just adds to it. I was unsure of what color to use for the bias tape and in the end used grey and black. Again, I think both work.

I hope to be back in the sewing room soon. My son wants a new hat and I want to make him some reusable snack bags for school.  Have you been working on anything lately or did you take the summer off? Would love to hear what you have planned for the fall.


  1. What an adorable pennant! I'm planning on making one using vintage Christmas material for my decorations at Christmastime. Thanks for sharing your project. I like how you used McQueen to hold it too. :-)

  2. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!