Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Discount Codes

Have you ever heard the saying, "Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean you need it?" Well, even though I know this to be true, sometimes discount/promo codes get the best of me. I've been eying Oliver + S patterns for some time now, but didn't feel like I drop $16 on a pattern (I know, I know, I'm a cheapo!). Oliver + S started a facebook page recently and as a thank you for "liking" their page, I got a discount code for their patterns. What! An Oliver + S pattern on sale? Okay, it's time to jump. So I narrowed my numerous choices down to 3, then I thought about it for another 20 minutes and narrowed it down to 2. I'm super excited to try these out. I've only heard great things about these patterns. And, if a cute, well written pattern isn't enough, each a pattern comes with a paper doll to dress up! I think I'll have to save them for a few years though.

Here are my choices.

Family Reunion Dress
Music Class Blouse + Skirt
I'll let you know when I get ready to sew with one. I'm curious if you've ever tried and Oliver + S pattern, which ones are your favorites, or which one you are dying to try?

(Photos taken from Oliver + S website.)


  1. I love O&S patterns. I admit that I had a hard time buying my first, but now I don't hardly even hesitate. I wish we were close and you could borrow all of mine...

  2. I wish you did too. I read yesterday they are thinking about putting their out of print patterns in pdf form for purchasing. This will be awesome. And hopefully a little cheaper since we'll have to do the printing ;)

  3. I have both of those that you posted (but haven't sewn either yet). I love the Seashore sundress--so much that I have sewn it twice now! I'll be following your progress on the Family Reunion dress (love that fabric!).