Friday, April 15, 2011

Birdie Sling

The much anticipated (perhaps only by me) Birdie Sling by Amy Butler is ready to be revealed!

Fabric is by Valori Wells
I think this bag is beautiful! This bag is very large (talking about being able to fit a child in large) and needs a big print on the outside. Some have commented that this bag is very Springy and fun. I have to agree! As much as I didn't like having to cut and apply interfacing it definitely makes the bag sturdy.

One thing I like about sewing is being able to learn something new all the time. During this project I learned how to make gusset. I didn't know what a gusset was when reading the directions, but the designer did a great job explaining through step by step directions and diagrams.

The inside has one large pocket divided down the middle to make two and a smaller pocket.
I'll probably make this bag again, but there are so many projects on my to-do list I'm not sure when it will happen.  I would recommend this pattern and designer. If you have any questions just let me know!


  1. Where do you find the time to make such cute things?

  2. Oh! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous fabrics. I bet you get a ton of compliments when you carry it.

  3. I just do a little at a time. That's why it takes so long sometimes for projects to get done.

    Thanks Jan! I've only taken it out once for a spin. I'm trying to decide if it's going to be a gift or if I'm keeping it for myself....