Monday, June 27, 2011

Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

I officially finished the family reunion dress last night around 11. I should have finished last week, but the fact that the weather decided to break 100 and we don't have an air conditioner made me stay out of the sewing room and in the back yard in the shade :) The sew-a-long was really fun. It's nice to see others working on the same project and it helps keep you motivated to finish. It's like taking a class, but for FREE!

Fabric is Shadow Play in the Silent Cinema line
I used 2 buttons instead of the suggested 4.
Back of the dress
Yellow buttons with contrasting thread
Decorative stitching on the hem

Overall this dress was straight forward. When I made a mistake it was always my fault. Like, using the shirt button hole marks instead of the dress. (Yes, I think I ripped out 5 button holes when it was all said and done, plus a button.) Even though my machine has a button hole attachment, I think I need to practice with the settings I like. (If anyone has any good button hole tutorials they'd like to share, please let me know.) I'm very happy with the fabric choice and with the dress overall. My daughter seemed to like it too. She wanted to keep dancing in it.

Size 12-18 months
She has the model pose down :)

I think my favorite parts of the dress are the buttons I picked (originally I search for blue, but then decided yellow would be better and they had little flower ones, just like on the dress!) and the stitching on the hem facing. I will make this again, but not for a while and it might be the shirt version!


  1. I LOVE the dress. It's on my list of things to make when I get home. And I love the hands on the pillow idea. I think I'll have to make one. Thanks for the tip on taking a picture of their hands.

  2. LOVE it! and she is absolutely ADORABLE!!! (i wanted to come by and checkout your blog ... you just commented about testing my cap sleeve tee pattern)

  3. oh man, your reunion dress is absolutely adorable! I'm gonna have to get this pattern now :)

  4. This is such a cute little dress! (I found you from the So You Think You Can Sew contest page). In reading a little bit more in your posts, I noticed that you're in the Bay area--so am I! I'm also LDS (I saw that you were headed to YW camp a while back). What a small world. All that plus the cute dress just made me feel like I should say hello, and good work. :)