Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to You...

Hooray! Today is finally here. It's my mom's birthday and that means I get to show you my new creation.

When I began quilting, the first quilt I made was for my mom. It's a Christmas quilt with snowmen (she loooves snowmen) on it. It's made with flannel and is very cozy. The only problem with the quilt is that it's seasonal. So what's her favorite (and only) daughter to do? Make her a quilt she can use year round!

I used the Cheese and Crackers pattern by Atkinson Designs. I really enjoyed the design of this fabric and the prominent background. The bold colors on the cover were not my style (or my mom's) so I chose something a little more subtle. The top is pieced using At Water's Edge by Blackbird and Essential Dots in beige by Moda. The backing was made with Fusions by Robert Kaufman.  I can't remember the name of the fabric for the binding (you think I'd write this stuff down before I throw away the selvages!), but I was a perfect combination of pink and purple to mesh front with back. I wanted the quilting to be super nice for this quilt and had Shelley Nealon (a local), of Quilted Bliss, stitch it for me on her long arm. She did a fantastic job! The top thread is a dark pink to showcase the quilting and the back is purple to match. I love the end result and I hope that my mom does too!

The color in the pictures are not as rich as they are in person. (Our SLR was out of juice that day.) For example, the back is more burgundy than the lighter purple it shows.

I love the colors!

The overall quilting design.

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Breathtaking!! Seriously, breathtaking!

  2. All of those hours and all of that love! thanks for sharing!